Former Norwich soldier aims to transform lives using hypnotherapy

Ramon George

Ramon George - Credit: Richard Fryer

A former Royal Green Jackets physical training instructor who had a complete career change is aiming to transform peoples lives for the better by using hypnotherapy.

Ramon George, who comes from Norwich, spent eight years in the Royal Green Jackets as an infantry soldier, becoming a physical training instructor and spent time serving in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.

Upon leaving the army he had a spell as a roustabout on an oil rig, but feeling uninspired set up a physical training company TIME (Targeted Individual Motivational Exercise), and began working with unemployed and underprivileged people in Norfolk.

However, it was while working in the corporate field as a fitness instructor for the Virgin group that he decided to train as a hypnotherapist when a manager spotted his potential and asked him if he had ever considered motivating people mentally as well as physically.

After visiting a long established hypnotherapist, he decided to study at the UEA for Qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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This was something that Mr George could never have imagined doing during his school days and tough upbringing in the Liverpool suburb of Toxteth.

Mr George, who suffered from dyslexia at school and was bullied, went on to join the army after school, and thought that his years of studying were in the past and behind him.

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When he returned to study for the degree the thing that he feared most was seeing red writing on his essays, a reference to the approach that his teachers took to his spelling.

He has also worked as a probation service officer, before embarking on setting up his own practice, which helps to transform peoples lives through hypnotherapy.

He also works educationally with emotionally and behaviour disturbed children as a part of the Future Education project.

Part of what led Mr George to set up the business was that he felt that many people only received conventional help and attention when things had spiralled out of control in their lives.

He has set up the business to address their problems before the problems take hold and take over their lives.

He said: 'My aim is to do for people what I have had the privilege to do for myself.'

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