Former model Linda Lusardi urges people to join Aylsham Round Table

As one of the Sun's most famous Page Three girls, Linda Lusardi was well-known to millions of people in the 1970s and 1980s.

Her husband Sam Kane had a similarly large following during spells on soaps Brookside, Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Now the celebrity couple are tapping into a new audience after filming a promotional video - for Aylsham Round Table.

The unlikely alliance has seen Lusardi and Kane star in the video on Aylsham Round Table's website to encourage people to join the organisation.

Lusardi, now 52, says on the video: 'Aylsham Round Table members raise literally thousands of pounds for their local community through firework displays and their legendary beer festival. So if you are interested in becoming a member just contact us through this site.'

Kane, 42, says: 'Please take a few moments to look around this beautiful website. You could also be a Round Table member if you are between 18 and 45 and want to help your local community.

'As a bonus, these guys every now and again go on some fantastic trips to give themselves a thank you for all their hard work. They've been to Riga, Budapest, Berlin and the Munich beer festival.

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'To all you lovely Table members, good luck with all your ventures and your fundraising efforts.'

The video was arranged and edited by Dave West, a musician from Watford who knows Kane through his music and whose cousin, Paul East, is one of the members of Aylsham Round Table.

Mr East, from North Walsham, said: 'Dave is one of our honorary members and he built the website for us. When we had fireworks every year, he used to come and do music to go with the display.

'Every year he has got more and more involved, and he wants to support us as much as possible.'

Mr East, who has just completed a two-month spell as the organisation's chairman, added: 'Dave knew Linda and Sam were really nice, genuine people. He is a musician and was doing a little bit of work with them. They kindly agreed to do the video.

'Aylsham Round Table is nothing in comparison with many organisations, and Aylsham is a small place. This took up a lot of their time, so it was really good of them to do it.'

Mr East said Aylsham Round Table currently had seven members, and was looking to recruit more.

To see the video, visit Anyone interested in joining Aylsham Round Table, call Mr East on 07717 766471 or visit