Former Lowestoft student set to appear in ITV drama Endeavour

Dan Walker is set to appear on ITV programme Endeavour. Picture: Meurig Marshall Photography.

Dan Walker is set to appear on ITV programme Endeavour. Picture: Meurig Marshall Photography. - Credit: Archant

After previously appearing in Call the Midwife, a former Denes High School student is set to appear on our television screens once again this Sunday.

Dan Walker, 24, is set to star in the final episode of detective drama series Endeavour – which airs on Sunday (January 24) at 8pm.

The four part series is a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse, with Mr Walker playing the role of Tommy Thompson, in what he claims is 'a complete contrast' from the character he played in Call the Midwife – back in March of last year.

Mr Walker grew up in London before moving to Corton when he was 14 due to family circumstances.

He went on to attend Denes High School, now Ormiston Denes Academy, from 2006 to 2010 and was also part of the sixth form consortium.

'All I can say about my character Tommy Thompson, is that he's a nasty piece of work, a gangster through and through, and a complete contrast from the character I played in Call the Midwife,' Mr Walker said.

'I met up with the casting director, who after seeing my audition, got me a meeting with the director Ollie Blackburn.

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'We spent half an hour chatting and workshopping some of the scenes from the new series.

'The next morning I got offered the job.'

Mr Walker, who furthered his academic studies by attending East 15 Acting School in Loughton, Essex, is aiming for great things over the coming year.

'The experience was fantastic,' Mr Walker added.

'I was on set for just over five weeks, so you become very close with your co actors and crew.

'It was also an incredible learning experience too, working with actors like Shaun Evans and Roger Allam taught me a lot.

'Since finishing Call the Midwife, I have spent my time in both London and Norway, working and auditioning.

'Sometimes an acting job might come along straight away but other times you have to be patient and wait for the right project to come along.

'In terms of work in the future, I've got a few things in the pipeline, possibly some theatre next.'

Previously, Mr Walker played the role of a young husband in BBC drama Call the Midwife, and has also worked alongside some well-known names including Pam Ferris and Jenny Agutter.

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