Flood defence work is vital to Great Yarmouth’s future prosperity

Work underway on the Yarmouth Tidal defence project at Bryants Wharf.

Work underway on the Yarmouth Tidal defence project at Bryants Wharf. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A major refurbishment to Great Yarmouth's tidal defences is key to the borough's future prosperity.

That is the message from the chairman of an influential floods partnership.

The Environment Agency plans to upgrade defences along the River Yare in five-year phases over the coming decades, with the first phase completed earlier this year.

The Tidal Defences Business Partnership is working closely with the authorities to help move the refurbishment works forward as quickly as possible.

The second phase is to refurbish 2.65km of defences over the next five years – £21m has already been secured and a significant funding bid has been submitted to New Anglia LEP.

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Chairman John Clare said: 'The tidal defences along the River Yare are central to business operations: they are key to reducing the flood risk to valuable business bases, stock and equipment, in addition to the homes of thousands of staff and customers, and to the highways and other infrastructure that keep everything running.

'The defences are also an important factor in attracting and sustaining business investment and jobs in key industries that are essential to the prosperity of the local, regional and national economies. Investment in the defences enables Great Yarmouth to realise its full economic potential and unlock huge opportunities for businesses.'

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The Environment Agency intends to refurbish the tidal defences in five-year phases over the coming decades.

The overall scheme includes 12km of flood defences in Great Yarmouth that reduce the risk of tidal flooding from the River Yare to over 6,000 properties, including 5,000 homes.

Future phases of work will need external funding contributions.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the Environment Agency, together with the New Anglia LEP, have supported a number of local businesses to form the Tidal Defence Business Partnership (TDBP) to help secure the additional external contributions for phase two and are committed to work in partnership for future phases of work.

Businesses are invited to an important businesses breakfast, on Friday, April 7 at the Town Hall, about the efforts to refurbish the defences. To RSVP, email Bernard Harris via bernard.harris@great-yarmouth.gov.uk

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