FLOOD ALERT: Flooding is possible around Suffolk.

A flood alert has been issued for areas around Suffolk.

The Environment Agency warns that the Tidal River Waveney, The Suffolk Coast at Southwold and The Suffolk Coast from Lowestoft to Bawdsey are all at risk.

Warning messages were issued with the flood alerts - which mean flooding is possible, be prepared - today, between 4.56pm and 5.22pm.

They stated that flooding is possible for the Tidal River Waveney from Ellingham to Breydon Water, and that high tide is forecast at Great Yarmouth for 8.45 am tomorrow.

Low lying land and roads will be affected first.

On the Suffolk coast, flooding is possible at Southwold, and high water is due at 9am tomorrow. Wind strength will be a strong 7, which is near to a gale and will be blowing west.

Low lying coastal land and roads will be affected first.

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And finally, The Suffolk Coast will likely also be affected from Lowestoft to Bawdsey.

High water is forecast for 9am, tomorrow. The wind strength will be the same as for Southwold, and low lying coastal lands and roads will be the first to be affected.

The Environment Agency advise people to be prepared to protect themselves, family, pets and property.

They advise those in areas likely to be affected to prepare a flood kit.

The kit should include a torch with back-up batteries, fully charged mobile phone, warm clothes, water, food and any prescription medicines you or your family may need.

Those living near beaches, promenades, coastal footpaths and roads should be careful when walking near or along them.

People should avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water.

They also advise to tune into weather, news and travel bulletins on local TV and radio and to keep an eye on local water levels and weather conditions on their website, (see below).

It is important to note that, while people do need to be prepared for possible flooding, a flood alert is the least serious of the three flood codes, coming before flood warning - which means flooding is expected, immediate action required - and severe flood warning - which means severe flooding, danger to life.

The forecast for tonight is light rain.


CALL Floodline ON 0845 988 1188.

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