Floating drone will be used to monitor condition of Norwich’s sewers

The drone, which could be used to explore the city's sewers

The drone, which could be used to explore the city's sewers - Credit: Archant

A floating drone will be used to survey the condition of the city's sewerage network over the coming weeks.

Anglian Water is to introduce the equipment in order to monitor the silt build-up in the pipes across Norwich.

The new technology, which is said to be the only one of its kind in the UK, has already been trialled in Cambridge, and it is now being rolled out to the large sewers in Norwich.

Operated by Anglian Water's partner Draincare, it is floated down the pipes and uses laser, sonar and high definition CCTV to scan the area. It gives a detailed report of the condition in the pipes and reduces disruption above ground.

Sarah Dobson, from Anglian Water, said: 'Getting into sewers is a dangerous job and the apparatus needed above ground can require roads and footpaths to be closed. This new technology means we can get the job done more safely and with less disruption for local residents.'

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