Float Norwich to offer unique spa treatment in the city

The pod at Float Norwich. Picture Mustard TV

The pod at Float Norwich. Picture Mustard TV - Credit: Mustard TV

A unique new spa treatment is set to open in Norwich and it is described as being the closet thing to floating on air.

Ross Evans with one of the pods at Float Norwich. Picture Mustard TV

Ross Evans with one of the pods at Float Norwich. Picture Mustard TV - Credit: Mustard TV

Float Norwich on Ber Street will open their doors for the first time on Monday and will give people the chance to relax by literally floating.

Customers to the new business adventure will spend up to 90 minutes in one of the two floating pods filled with over 1000 litres water at a depth of 25cm.

The water is constantly heated to skin temperature with over 700kgs of dissolved magnesium sulphate. This solution enables people of all body types to float effortlessly, escaping the everyday pull of gravity.

Ross Evans is the manager of Float Norwich and said there are many health benefits to the treatment.

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'There are loads of different benefits both mentally and physically,' he said. 'People with joint pains will obviously get benefits as it is the closet thing to kind of floating on air that you can get.

'It helps with mediation but it also helps you to kind of escape your mind.'

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Before it has even opened it has proved immensely popular with 5,500 joining the initial campaign which has led to the pods being booked out until the middle of January.

And Mr Evans believes people are interested as looking after your health is very much on trend at the moment.

'What is trending at the minute is health and wellness massively in many different industries as well,' he said. 'With floating being something that is a little bit unknown to a lot of people I think a lot of people are very open to trying new things especially in Norwich so I think as it is the new unique health and wellbeing think that is on the market I think it has been received very, very well.'

My first experience of floating

Stepping into the pod for the first time was like stepping into a flooded space ship, the whole thing looks very futuristic.

Everything you need for your 'float' is provided from ear plugs to Vaseline and once you are in the pod you have the choice of closing the roof and laying in the darkness.

To get the full experience I choose that option and when I first laid down in the water I expected to have to stop myself from drowning. But that was not the case.

Instead I floated like a feather on the water, slowly moving around the pod to the music.

It took me a while to actually relax but when I did I felt like I could drift off to sleep and after a while it didn't even feel like I was in water.

Shame I had to go back to work.

• For more information visit the Float Norwich website

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