Five friends in marathon fundraiser

FIVE friends have raised over �3,000 for charity after taking on the challenge of the Brighton Marathon.

The five took on the 26.2 mile course earlier this month, but that was not enough for the group of musicians and artists who decided to hold a wide range of other fundraising events to put their other skills to good use.

One of the events that the 'medi marathon men' held was a music evening at the Fisher Theatre, in Bungay, as they tried to raise money for a charity that installs cinemas in hospitals.

Leo Altarelli, of Ditchingham, said: 'We had a great weekend, the gig at the Fisher Theatre went brilliantly and we made over �1,000. As for the marathon it was a truly incredible experience.

'The energy and adrenaline you get from the crowd really helps. As a performer I understand that positive energy helps everyone in a situation to have a powerful moving, and almost spiritual experience.'

Leo, Matthew Pescod, from Uggeshall near Halesworth, Kristian Andrews, formerly of Bungay, Matthew Kinsella, from Ellingham, and Theo Godley, from Loughborough, decided to raise money for MediCinema after Leo stumbled across the charity in the paper.

The group grew up together and share an interest in music and the arts, so thought they would put their other skills to use by putting on a show as well as running the marathon. Other events included an animation workshop for children in Leicestershire.

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The five started the marathon together and finished with times ranging from 4hr 21 to 5hr 21, with Matthew Kinsella unable to complete the course because of an injured knee.

Leo said: 'Pretty soon we were all together, a feeling of great elation, we sat on the beach with friends and family and the members of MediCinema with a glass of champagne.

'What an amazing experience and a truly special weekend that we will all treasure forever.'

The group have made �3,000 for MediCinema so far but are still aiming to raise �5,000.

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