Fishers cast their net to help Lowestoft siblings

A newly founded fishing club has vowed to raise money for a Lowestoft brother and sister with severe and crippling allergies.

The East Coast Danglers, a small club whose members' fish all along the coast from Dunwich in Suffolk to Happisburgh in Norfolk, were so moved by the plight of Ben and Lucy Brown they have decided to spend the next year fund-raising for the siblings.

Five-year-old Ben and two-year-old Lucy are allergic to a growing list of everyday items such as dust mites, animals, eggs, milk, pollen and grass. The brother and sister, who live with their mum Toni Brown in Sussex Road, Lowestoft, face frequent trips to the hospital and doctors and their childhood has already been significantly affected by their sensitivity.

But Mrs Brown is trying to raise the �6,000 needed for Ben to undergo desensitisation treatment which would prevent more allergies being added to the list.

A huge section of the community has rallied behind her and now, the East Coast Danglers, are doing their bit.

Sam Warrener, charity co-ordinator for the Danglers, first heard about the Brown family through the local Scouting groups and suggested the new club could help out.

'The plan of action is to hold different fund-raisers all through the year, from raffles to a few bigger events,' she said.

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'The club meets every two weeks to have a fishing match and we'll be raising funds with small raffles every fortnight. The money will go into a kitty and then be handed over to the Ben and Lucy Brown Appeal Fund.

'We're only a small group at the moment, but we'd love more people to come along to the matches and help raise some money at the same time.'

The club, which currently has 15 members, is also appealing for organisations and companies to donate raffle prizes.

'In doing so we hope to also raise the awareness of the East Coast Danglers and increase our own membership numbers,' added Mrs Warrener, 'which will in turn allow us to raise more money for Ben and Lucy.'

The East Coast Danglers was created as a friendly, informal club open to all. Their next meeting is at Cart Gap on May 28 from 6pm to 11pm. For information on how to join or donate to the fund call Mrs Warrener on 07811 586499 or 01502 583335.

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