Fish fried at the market for the first time

Connie Hodges has opened the first ever Fish and Chip stall on Yarmouth Market Place. The charter ha

Connie Hodges has opened the first ever Fish and Chip stall on Yarmouth Market Place. The charter has recently been changed to allow this. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

For years getting chips from the market has been a mainstay of trips to the town centre for residents and visitors alike.

Now, for the first time in history it will also be possible to buy hot fish to go with your chips at the Market Place.

After an ancient by-law was overturned, Connie Hodges, 29, seized the opportunity to become the first stallholder to sell items including battered cod, haddock, sausages, and fish cakes alongside chips.

Connie said she was approached about opening a stall selling hot fish and she decided to set up LH and Sons.

'I feel privileged to be asked to do it. I am really pleased because hot fish has never been done before. I'm lucky that I got the chance.

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'All the feedback we have got is saying that customers are really happy with what we are serving.'

She added that the new stall was there to work with the other established chip outlets, not against them.

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The mother of two balances her family-run business with being a full-time mum, while looking after two children under four.

She had previously run The Hole Plaice, in Station Road South, Belton, before she had her children.

Her father, Robert Lovett, who runs a shoe stall on the market, has supported his daughter setting up the fish and chip unit.

Connie said: 'I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old, and my mum and dad are brilliant help looking after them when I'm working.'

One of the new ideas that she had for the stall is to serve a children's meal of chips and chicken nuggets or fish bites in a bucket and spade.

Robert added: 'We saw this being done in Blackpool when we visited. Being near the seaside, children can have their meal and then use a bucket and spade on the beach.

'We want to get local trade but holidaymakers will be a bonus as well.'

The stall is currently open Monday through Saturday, although Connie is looking to extend opening to include Sundays once a new licence is agreed.

Connie encouraged people to come and try the stall's food offering, adding that their motto is: 'We are here to fry, so give us a try.'

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