First Norwich bus timetable overhaul starts tomorrow

First buses making improvements to their service, including the bus colours, interior seating and ro

First buses making improvements to their service, including the bus colours, interior seating and routes. The Yellow Line bus. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

New changes to the First Norwich bus network will come into force as of tomorrow.

Every route in the network will see changes, with the most significant overhaul on the Yellow Line between Taverham and Norwich.

Rather than circumventing Taverham, buses will now run directly from Fakenham Road to the city centre every 15 minutes.

Buses will also serve more of the popular parts of the city centre: travelling in from Mile Cross roundabout via Drayton Road calling at Anglia Square, Tombland, Castle Meadow and ending at St Stephens Street.

There will be daytime 'door-to-door' buses on route 28 into Thorpe Marriott up to every 30 minutes (up to every 15 minutes in the morning peak), Monday to Saturday. They will travel from Fakenham Road via Kingswood Avenue and Pendlesham Rise both into and out of the city, then using the existing one-way loop around Long Dale and Drewray Drive.

Running more daytime buses on a new route 29 which will provide a 'door-to-door' service into Taverham up to every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday, with a new one-way loop to serve as much of the village as possible.

Apart from some early morning journeys out of the city and afternoon journeys back, numbered 28A, Yellow Line will no longer travel along Heigham Street, which will now be served by a new daytime service 30.

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Pink line

Connecting up bus routes to new housing developments has to be a priority to get infrastructure in place ahead of demand.

Changes to the Pink Line will see nine new buses to give a more frequent service but longer journey times to negotiate traffic, as well as linking up the new Beeston Park development.

A new timetable across the day on the 11 and 12 services aims to run more reliably when demand for the service becomes heavy, especially between Wroxham and Sprowston.

Sunday services will run more often with buses up to every 30 minutes during the day between Sprowston and the hospital.

In Round House Park, due to continued problems with parked cars affecting the reliability of some journeys, buses will no longer be serving Dragonfly Lane but will travel via The Pines.

Turquoise Line 13

New journeys being introduced from Attleborough to Wymondham College in the morning and afternoon.

Evening 13A and 13B services will finish on Castle Meadow rather than St Stephens Street. Due to continuing issues with parked cars affecting the reliability of some journeys, 13A buses will now operate via Round House Way, not The Pines. The last journeys to Attleborough will leave Castle Meadow at 10.45pm Monday to Saturday and 9.45pm on Sunday.

Green Line 14 and 15

Introducing a new timetable across the day on 14, 15 and 15A buses to help run to time when traffic is heavy, along with making departure times from key points along the two routes more regular and easy to remember.

Blue Line 25 and 26

Route 25 running more often with a bus up to every 10 minutes Monday to Friday.

Saturday services will continue to run up to every 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes on Sundays. 26A buses will travel to and from the city via Northfields and will no longer travel via North Park Avenue. Buses that serve Riverside and Morrisons will use the new bus gate next to Carrow Road to keep moving when the traffic gets heavy.

Purple Line 36, 37, 38 and 39

Route 35 for Long Stratton into the city and 38 for Ives Road into the city will be linked into a new cross city service every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes with more buses from the city to Long Stratton in the afternoon peak.

Three more buses every hour will operate along Aylsham Road between Mile Cross Lane and the city centre, and a new link formed between Mile Cross and Aylsham Road heading out of the city.

Red Line 23 and 24

Evening 23B bus will be numbered 23 and retimed, with buses up to every 20 minutes between Heartsease and Larkman Lane. Buses will operate as either a 23 (from Heartsease to Longwater Sainsbury's via Breckland Road), 23A (from Heartsease to Longwater Sainsbury's via West End and Longwater Lane), or 23B (from Heartsease to Queen's Hills direct via Dereham Road). Due to continuing issues with parked cars, Lodge Farm will no longer be served during evenings or on Sundays.

Route 30 and 30A

Partly supported by Norfolk County Council, the new routes will provide links up to every hour Monday to Saturday daytimes between Hellesdon, Hercules Road (route 30A) and Hellesdon, Mill Corner (route 30) and the city centre.

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