First Fudge the cockerel, now Thetford boy’s chickens must go

Kyle McKechnie now faces losing his chickens after Flagship Housing threatens his family with evicti

Kyle McKechnie now faces losing his chickens after Flagship Housing threatens his family with eviction after a u turn decision about his pets. Kyle is pictured with his sister Leah. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

A 12-year-old schoolboy who was ordered to get rid of a cockerel he had nursed back to health is facing more heartbreak after a housing association told his family his chickens must go.

In November last year, Kyle McKechnie, of Ash Close, Thetford, was told by Flagship Housing Association that he could no longer keep his cockerel, Fudge, after it began crowing too loudly.

After an appeal in the Eastern Daily Press, several new homes were put forward for Fudge, only for him to be killed by an unknown intruder before he could be moved.

Now Kyle and his siblings – Leah, 14, and Livia, 12 – are being told by Flagship they can not keep their chickens as they are also too noisy.

The housing association has told the McKechnie family that neighbours have complained about the birds, according to father, Scott.

'We got a letter through from them saying we had until December 21 to get rid of them because they are too noisy,' he said.

'It's the same situation as last year, we can't just get rid of them as that would be cruel, but there's nowhere to take them in. The only difference this time is that the chickens don't make any noise.'

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Mr McKechnie added that the news had been 'a blow' to his children, who were given the chickens – named Toffee, Mars, Milky Bar and Kit Kat – to replace Fudge.

'They had to put their dog, Akasha, down last week and this would just be something else on top of that.

'The housing association say people have complained, but we've asked around and nobody says they have a problem with them.

'Flagship told us last year we were fine to have them as they don't make any noise, so it's really confusing that they've changed their mind,' he said.

Matthew Thomas, director of housing at Flagship, said: 'While we are unable to comment on individual cases, we can assure that any actions being taken are proportionate.'

Mr McKechnie said the family was now looking for a new home for the chickens.

Anyone who is able to take the chickens on can contact

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