Fire services battle 80 tonne straw bale blaze through the night

Picture: Archant Library.

Picture: Archant Library.

Fire crews have been battling an 80 tonne straw bale blaze throughout the night.

Emergency services were alerted to the incident in School Lane, Heckingham, at 8.14pm on Monday, August 14.

Teams from Beccles, Gorleston, Loddon and Harleston responded after initial reports suggested approximately eight straw bales were alight.

Hose reels and main jets were used to fight the flames.

At midnight it is reported that the firefighters on scene were still using the main jets to try and extinguish the blaze.

From 2am onwards however the crews took part in a process of 'turning over and dampening down' to ensure further fires did not start.

A spokesman for Norfolk Fire Service said: 'As straw bales are tightly packed together there can be hot spots within them. The team must check for these and dampen down any areas at risk.'

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Crews remained on scene as part of a watching brief. The scene was fully secured by 7.14am.

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