Fire crews rescue family from Wymondham flood

Fire crews had to rescue a stricken family in a car and treat another driver for shock as motorists became stuck in flood water one metre deep under a Wymondham bridge this morning.

Firefighters from the Wymondham station and passers-by had to push a Ford Galaxy containing the family, including a disabled child, out of the water which had gathered under the railway bridge in Station Road as torrential downpours lashed Norfolk this morning.

A Corsa driver was also left traumatised after passing through the water which had poured off nearby roads and collected in the dip beneath the bridge at around 11am.

EDP reader Peter Dewarth took this photo of the Station Road scene this morning as the volume of rainwater overwhelmed pumps under the bridge which would have prevented the road from flooding.

Wymondham watch manager Chris Smart said the Galaxy driver appeared to have driven into the water without realising how deep it was and the car had become stuck.

He added nobody was injured during the incident with the exception of the Corsa driver treated for shock.

'Everybody was cool, calm and collected in the car, it was just the fact that they were stuck in the rainwater,' Mr Smart said.

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