Fire crews pump water away following floods in Great Yarmouth

Emergency services attending the scene of major flooding around the Southgates Road area of Great Ya

Emergency services attending the scene of major flooding around the Southgates Road area of Great Yarmouth. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

The quick action of firefighters in Great Yarmouth prevented potentially damaging floods to homes and businesses.

Around 20 firefighters spring boarded into action after reports of flooding on Blackfriars Road, Camden Road and Southgates Road, yesterday afternoon.

The flood water on all three roads was up to a feet high and still rising as they arrived onto the scene.

They battled away to pump the water as quick as they could, while sandbags were also put down to prevent water entering homes and businesses.

Anglia Water have issued statement saying they bringing in additional employees and contractors to visit customers who called in about the flooding.

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They are also sending clean up-teams for those who need it.

A spokesman said: 'We are responding to calls from customers about reports of flooding and our teams are out assessing the situation and checking our equipment in the area.

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'We appreciate any kind of flooding is upsetting and we will be continuing our investigations while helping people this evening.'

Annette Jenkins, 50, lives in Newcastle Road which was affected by flooding.

She said: 'We are all worried about the sewage. I'm disabled so I am hoping it doesn't come any further – I've already had to move my mobility scooter to stop it getting flooded.

'As a seaside resort we are always going to get sewage problems, because we are near the sea.'

Paddy Nutman, 50, who lives on Southgates Road, was concerned about the rising floodwater.

'The last time it was this bad was when we had that spring high tide. The water is coming all up through the drains – it stinks. You don't want that in your house. That is not good for you.'

Eddie Thompson, who runs the Thompson Food Services company in Southgates Road with his family, said: 'There has got to be something wrong. The fire pumps are only just holding back the water.

'That smell shows it is not rain, it is sewage. I can't believe how it is coming through the drains.

'We are lucky because we raised the level of the floor when we moved in four years ago in case something like this happened.

'The firemen are doing a fine job.'

John Plaister, 31, lives in Camden Road, said: 'Our back garden has started to flood and we're worried the house might flood too. We've only lived here a week. Our old house round the corner flooded seven times when we lived there.

'This is happening time and time again. We need to get improvements made to the drains.'

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