Fins get tough in King’s Lynn, as spa called Wanda abandons fish

A spa called Wanda has abandoned its premises - leaving hundreds of hungry fish behind.

Beauticians began offering fish pedicures in King's Lynn's Broad Street last summer.

They set up shop with tanks of tropical garra rufa fish, which nibble dead skin from the feet.

But days before Christmas the business, called Wanda Spa, closed. West Norfolk council, which owns the building, took possession on December 23.

Concerned shoppers in Lynn's Vancouver Quarter feared the fish might starve.

But officials placed a sign on the door, saying: 'Please Note: These fish are being fed.'

Another notice on the door gives a deadline of 9am today for the contents of the property - including the fish - to be removed.

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'Ownership of this property will become vested with the borough council after this date if no action is taken,' it warns.

'Any goods left at the property after this date will be removed and disposed of.'

Both fish and furnishings were still in situ when the deadline passed this morning. Discussions are now in progress with another foot spa to see if it can take the fish.

Today West Norfolk council said: 'Until the fish were collected or a new home found for them a member of our staff offered to look after the fish in his own time.

'The RSPCA have been kept informed and advice on sought on how to care for the fish.

'On Tuesday this week, we placed a formal notice on the premises (in accordance with the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 Section 41 stating that, if the contents were not removed by 9am this morning (6th January), the council would make arrangements to sell or otherwise dispose of them.

'Since placing the notice on the premises we have not received any contact from the owners and they have not arranged to collect the fish.

'We are now in discussion with another party who is prepared to take the fish on.'

At the height of the boom, there were more than 250 spas offering fish pedicures. But the trade has been hit by health scares.

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