Final Norwich peregrine of 2016 dies after undergoing risky surgery to save its life

The two surviving peregrine chicks have been taken into care. Photo: Hawk and Owl Trust/Facebook

The two surviving peregrine chicks have been taken into care. Photo: Hawk and Owl Trust/Facebook - Credit: Archant

The final surviving Norwich peregrine falcon from this year's brood has lost its life after undergoing a risky surgical procedure.

It is the last of four siblings to die after a dramatic series of events at the top of Norwich Cathedral over the summer.

An intruding female who chased the resident female from the nest proceeded to attack the four chicks as they fledged.

After two died of their injuries, the remaining two chicks were taken to a rehabilitation centre with a view to releasing them into the wild.

And in July one was found dead at the International Bird of Prey Centre - with an inconclusive post-mortem.

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The last peregrine, named YY, recently became injured during a hunt.

A statement from the Hawk and Owl Trust, who monitor the birds at the cathedral, said: 'In the summer of 2016 Peregrine YY having fledged from the nest at Norwich Cathedral was unable to fly effectively. 'A decision was made by the Hawk and Owl Trust to remove the bird and send it for rehabilitation. During this process when flying after live prey she suffered another setback, fracturing her scapula.

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'The healing was going well and her flying had recommenced, however it was very obvious that things were not right. So YY was taken back to Neil Forbes and had a CT scan. The CT scan shows she had a 'un-united coracoid and scapula'.'

Medical advice was the injury would not heal without surgery, which had a 50pc chance of success.

'A united decision had been taken that we owe YY a chance of recovery as the alternative is euthanasia,' added the Hawk and Owl Trust.

'The operation on the Peregrine YY went according to plan and Neil Forbes our vet who was undertaking the procedure was very pleased with the result, however, YY failed to come out of the anaesthetic and we regret to have to inform you all that she very sadly died. 'This was something that we did not expect, but alas happens on occasions and everyone was very sad considering the time and effort everyone had devoted.'

The platform and equipment at Norwich Cathedral will soon be checked and cleaned in preparation for the 2017 breeding season.

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