MP moves to reassure public as film crew hires out village homes


A film crew's presence in Blakeney and the surrounding area has led to mixed feelings in the community - Credit: Archant

Safety concerns have been raised after it emerged a film crew has rented more than a dozen cottages in a north Norfolk village.

Blakeney Parish Council, along with an anonymous letting agency, has issued a statement notifying people several properties in and around the village are being "legitimately occupied by a film company crew".

The statement, which was posted on the council's Facebook page, informs the community the holiday lets are being used for work purposes and that the police were aware and "satisfied the law was being followed."

The letter does not state the name of the film company.

Boats tied up during low tide at Morston Quay with Blakeney church in the background. PHOTO: ANTONY

Boats tied up during low tide at Morston Quay with Blakeney church in the background. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

The letting agency said it had checked the film company's Covid policy which included regular swab testing and would not have accepted the booking if it felt the crew's presence posed "anything more than an absolutely nominal risk" to the community.

But the film's crew presence has led to mixed feelings in the village.

Jenny Girling, who has lived in Blakeney for more than 40 years, said while legal, she felt the film crew being in the village was "not responsible".

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She said: "From a personal point of view for a small village like Blakeney I don't see the point of having 12 of our cottages on the high street being rented for this film crew.

"We don't know where they came from or anything else, it wasn't in the public domain so after being careful, lots of the residents don't like it at all.

"Although it is legal it's not within the spirit of the law putting so many people into a small village."

Nick Howard, owner of Blakeney Delicatessen, said the crew were keeping their presence in the village fairly "low key".

He said: "I'm glad to say they are keeping themselves very much to themselves, presumably they are in a bubble they cannot really break.

"They are here legally because they are working, they are respecting the local community as much as they can."

Duncan Baker, Conservative candidate in North Norfolk. Picture: SUPPLIED BY THE CANDIDATE

Duncan Baker, MP for North Norfolk - Credit: Archant

Duncan Baker, MP for North Norfolk, said he had received three emails about the film crew's presence in the area.

He said: "I completely understand the communities' concern with the film production work that is happening in Cley, Blakeney, Wiveton and Binham. 

"As I understand the situation, our local constabulary are aware of the matter. This is reassuring and will ensure the crew act within the restrictions, and continue to work safely. 

"Accommodation providers I believe can operate in this example for genuine work purposes, and as film production is continuing around the world there is no question to me that the crew are not here for any other reason than to work."

Norfolk Police have been contacted for comment.

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