Fifth of Brits ‘won’t drive in the dark’

A survey of drivers found that three-quarters wouldnt drive when its snowing.

A survey of drivers found that three-quarters wouldnt drive when its snowing. - Credit: supplied

Nervous Brits are avoiding driving in bad weather, on the motorway and even when it's dark, according to new research.

Three-quarters (74%) said they wouldn't drive when it's snowing, say the results of a survey, while 44% said they always choose to avoid country lanes.

More than a third (37%) refuse to use the motorway network and almost as many (33%) are too afraid to drive in busy city centres.

And possibly the strangest revelation is that 21% of the 2,096-person sample said they avoided driving after dark, despite cars coming equipped with road-illuminating devices commonly known as headlights.

When asked the direct question 'are you a confident driver?', 61% said no. Of these people, 51% blamed other drivers for their nervousness, while 28% said they had not driven for a long time and had lost confidence. A fifth (21%) had had an accident that put them off.

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George Charles, spokesman for, said: 'Confidence when driving is really important and it's worrying to see so many of us lack it. Although it is good to be cautious, being overly cautious and hesitant can lead to just as many accidents as those who try and show off their driving skills.

'It's bizarre, however that so many let the weather stop them from travelling to where they need to go. I suppose if you do not feel comfortable driving in snow then it is best to avoid the roads, but sometimes travelling in these conditions is necessary.

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'There is also no shame in going on refresher driving lessons or having someone sit passenger if you are not feeling comfortable.'

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