Ketchup and pickles on list of Pancake Day combinations

Pancakes with sugar and lemon. Check out Frank's Bar's recipe below. Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Pancake Day pairings. - Credit: PA

People in Norfolk have revealed that ketchup and pickles will be on the list of things to have with their pancakes this year.

It comes after the Weetabix Twitter post, which shared an unusual serving of Weetabix and beans, prompted people across the country, including big brands and organisations to comment their disapproval.

The tweet, which has been shared thousands of times, said: "Why should bread have all the fun, when there's Weetabix? Serving up Heinz Beanz on bix for breakfast with a twist."

Responses came in from company's including Specsavers, who responded: "*removes glasses*, *puts on blindfold*"

And Tesco replied: "Illegal combination in the bagging area."

In light of that, it got us thinking what unusual combinations people could be having this Pancake Day.

A pancake with Maple syrup in anticipation of Shrove Tuesday. Picture: Danny Lawson / PA Wire

A pancake with Maple syrup. - Credit: PA

Pairings included curry and mutton with pancakes, with one person saying the sweet and savoury combination worked for them.

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And people in Norfolk were asked what they have with their pancakes, some commented that the traditional combination of lemon and sugar, Nutella and ice cream worked best.

Others said, syrup, crispy bacon, sultanas, black cherry pie filling, strawberries, cheese and spiced stewed apple.

But a more unique choice came from five-year-old Emilia, who is opting for pickles this year.

5-year-old Emilia is opting for pickles and pancakes this year. Pictured with her mum Laura Anderson.

5-year-old Emilia is opting for pickles and pancakes this year. Pictured with her mum Laura Anderson. - Credit: Laura Anderson

Her mum Laura Anderson said: "She loves pickles and has been a common ask or lunch box filler since the first lockdown.

"Normally we have the traditional lemon and sugar with maybe one being ice cream and fruit, but we will definitely be giving her pickle pancakes as requested."

Asked if the rest of the family will be joining in on the act, her mum said: "She will be the only one having the pickle pancakes but myself, daddy (Ian/head pancake maker) and her brother Benedict will be enjoying 'normal' pancakes with her."

Angela White also shared that she will be having pancakes with ketchup.

She said: "I've always had pancakes with ketchup from when I was a child. I was a fussy eater and had ketchup with a lot of food. I'm a savoury fan rather than sweet fan.

"It's no different to Yorkshire pudding with ketchup. I don't understand why you'd want pancakes with a sweet filling."