7 early signs of spring

The lambing season has started at Park Farm in Snettisham. Picture: Matthew Usher.

One of the early signs of spring is lambs being born.

With the wintry weather we have experienced as a region combined with a season spent in lockdown, many people are looking forward to brighter and warmer days.

The first signs of spring have never been more welcome as we look to spend more time outside. 

Here are seven early signs spring is on its way.

Getting warmer

The days are getting warmer. Pack away the scarf and mittens and get ready to ponder that classic British conundrum - do I need to wear a coat out?

Days getting longer

Spring starts on Saturday, March 20, this year and the change of season sees the days getting longer with nights becoming lighter and less chilly. You'll miss sunrise on your early morning walk, but afternoons in the garden offer the chance to get much more done.

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A walk through the snowdrops is the perfect way to beat the winter blues Credit: Jamie Honeywood

A walk through the snowdrops is the perfect way to beat the winter blues Credit: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

The flowers are often the first sign of spring. They usually emerge in January to early March, popping up in gardens and woods across the county, breaking up the greys and browns of winter.

Their leaves, which have specially hardened tips, help them break through frozen soil.


Lambing season at Whitehouse Farm in Oxborough. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Lambs are one of the first signs of spring. - Credit: Matthew Usher

One of the earliest and most uplifting signs of spring is seeing new born lambs coming into the world.

Cute and fluffy, they can be spotted in fields on country walks or drives, and farms showcase their new arrivals. Get ready to say, 'aahhh'.


Fields of daffodils in full bloom in West Norfolk. Picture: Ian Burt

Fields of daffodils in full bloom in West Norfolk last year. - Credit: Archant

These bright yellow springtime flowers are one of the first signs that spring is here signalling that sunnier days are coming.

Daffodils typically blossom from late February to early April.

Birds singing 

The sound of early morning birdsong signals spring is under way, with new activity prompted by the arrival of warmer weather marking the start of a new day.

Birds such as the song thrush, robin and great tit are among those that you can listen out for.


Hares boxing CREDIT Simon Stirrup/WWT;

Hares boxing CREDIT Simon Stirrup/WWT; - Credit: Archant

As we are surrounded by countryside you may occasionally spot a hare running through a field or perhaps even boxing. 

People are more likely to see hares boxing each other and behaving unpredictably in March, referred to as the mad March hare.

This behaviour is associated with females boxing away the attention of males.

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