February was the driest month since last June in Norfolk

A bright and sunny day near Thurne last month. Picture: James Bass

A bright and sunny day near Thurne last month. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

Not only was last month the driest February since 2012, it was also the driest month since June 2015.


The county average of 31.1mm was around 70pc of average.

February began warm with temperatures well above average during most of the first 10 days. However, a brief spell of cooler air swept over Norfolk on the 3rd and 4th, with this period being the wettest of the month.

A cold snap prevailed during the middle half of February with many frosty days, but it was a mainly settled period with a north or northwesterly cold air flow.

The 20th to the 22nd saw a sudden rise in temperatures as a spell of warmer air moved in from the southwest. A cold, northerly air flow prevailed at the end of the month, bringing average or just below average temperatures and frequent frosts across Norfolk.

Overall the temperature over Norfolk was around average, but with above average sunshine amounts, the maximum temperature was slightly above average. Minimum temperatures were around average with 10 frosty days.

Rain fell in quite small amounts with the 17th and 20th being the wettest days at 4-8mm each day.

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A little snow fell around mid month but any lying snow was minimal.

Official figures for the three winter months show East Anglia was the driest over the whole of the UK.

Norfolk's totals ranged from 125-225mm, mainly 100pc to 110pc of the 25-year average with the driest places nearer 90-95pc of average.

Hills in the west and north of the UK had well over 1,000mm with as much as 2,000mm in extreme cases which is around 10 times the amounts recorded across Norfolk.

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