Farmers resubmit biogas power plant plans in Kenninghall

A renewable energy firm has resubmitted plans for a biogas power plant in Kenninghall, which was approved by district councillors last year.

Proposals by two farmers for an anaerobic digestion unit off Garboldisham Road were approved by Breckland Councillors in November.

However, the applicant, Greenshoots Energy, has resubmitted the scheme to the district council, which would turn locally grown maize, poultry litter and cattle slurry into renewable energy.

Objectors have appealed against the scheme in the High Court saying that no environmental impact assessment was carried out and the decision was legally flawed.

In a letter to the council, the applicant said it had made 'minor amendments' introduced during the progression of the plans.

Stephen Gordon, chairman of Kenninghall Parish Council, yesterday said it was 'puzzling' that the scheme had been resubmitted and the parish council would be discussing the matter later this month.

The plant would be connected to a combined heat and power generator and the applicants, Robert Gooderham and James Alston, say the project would create enough renewable energy to meet the needs of the whole of Kenninghall.

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More than 400 people signed a petition against its potential impact on the landscape and noise and odour concerns.

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