Careworker thanks farmers who helped stranded drivers through snowdrift

Drivers stuck in a snowdrift on the A148

Drivers were helped out of a snowdrift on the A148 between Cromer and Holt in the early hours of Sunday, February 14. - Credit: Sammi Pearson

A careworker has thanked the farmers who came to her and others' aid when she got stuck in not one but two snowdrifts on her way to work in north Norfolk.

Sammi Pearson, 28, from Holt had allowed extra time for her commute to Cromer when she set off at 6.20am on Sunday (February 14) but just a few minutes into the drive she became stuck in a snowdrift near High Kelling on the A148.

The senior careworker said others behind her on the road saw the snow and were able to turn around but, due to the nature of her work and needs of her clients Mrs Pearson had no choice but to continue.

She said: "All week there's been treacherous conditions, all the carers have gone above and beyond to get into work. We don't have the option of snow days, we have vulnerable people waiting for us."

Sammi Pearson

Sammi Pearson. who was caught in a snowdrift on her way to work on Sunday February 14 2021 - Credit: Sammi Pearson

Mrs Pearson said the road was "covered in snow", which had drifted across the fields and onto the road.

She initially became stuck, then after helping another driver get free, Mrs Pearson, with the guidance of passing farmworker James Youngman made it through the first obstacle only to hit another snowdrift further down the road this time near Bodham.

The second snowdrift had also halted an ambulance.

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Mrs Pearson said: "[The ambulance] couldn't get through and had just finished a night shift, none of us could get through so I put out an appeal on Facebook, then the police turned up."

Drivers stuck in snowdrift A148

Drivers became stuck in a snowdrift on the A148 between Cromer and Holt on Sunday morning. - Credit: Sammi Pearson

She said following the social media appeal, local farmers, including Billy Wright, Owen Liberman, Simon Cooper, Mark Williams and Mr Youngman arrived at the scene to help drivers through the snow and to clear the road.

Following the hold-ups Mrs Pearson eventually made it work at 8.45am.

Mrs Pearson said: "I'm just so appreciative [to those who helped us], the care home residents are appreciative as well, without them helping me this morning I wouldn't have been able to get to work.

"The farmers deserve so much recognition. They're keeping the country going just as much as the front line staff."