Farm sets scene for school’s harvest festival

With a background of turkeys, pigs, horses and machinery the full impact of the culmination of the farming year was clear for all to see when pupils, staff, parents and grandparents of Beetley Primary School gathered in the farmyard at the Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse yesterday to celebrate their harvest festival.

Even the farm cat wanted to get in on the action soaking up the autumn sunshine as the children read poems, sang songs and presented produce to Rev Robert Marsden, rector of Gressenhall, who will be distributing it to the residents of East Bilney nursing home.

Reception and Year 1 pupils dressed up in costumes ranging from sheep to scarecrows and even Hallowe'en pumpkins to set the scene while one of the parents Paul Roegele brought along a 1962 Ransomes combine harvester which he is restoring.

Headteacher Ralph Hedley it was great that Gressenhall had allowed the school to stage their event at the farm.

'We wanted to do something different and the backdrop of the farm lets you see what harvest is all about,' he said. 'If you do the same things year after year it is less memorable for the pupils and the parents so by looking for alternatives and doing something we have never done before hopefully it has had a very positive response.

'The school is very close to the museum and I think we should support it as an educational resource and hopefully it will encourage other schools to do a similar sort of thing.'