Fare dodgers on Greater Anglia network fined £66,000

File phtot of Greater Anglia train. Pic: Sonya Duncan

File phtot of Greater Anglia train. Pic: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Fare dodgers on the Greater Anglia network have been fined nearly £66,000 for riding trains with no intention of buying a ticket.

The company has prosecuted 370 people in the last six weeks for fare evasion across the Greater Anglia network.

The people were taken to court after Greater Anglia Revenue Protection Inspectors discovered them on trains with no ticket and in some cases no money or cards on them to pay for a ticket.

In total, the fare dodgers were fined £65,848 and ordered to pay £31,189 costs.

The largest number of offenders were found on the Southend Victoria line.

A total of 302 cases have been heard at Southend Magistrates' Court.

Andrew Goodrum, Greater Anglia Customer Services Director, said: 'In the long run it's cheaper for everyone to pay for a ticket to ride one of our trains.

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'A train ticket is far cheaper than a fine for not having one.'