Family thank community as mauled dog is found in Thetford Forest

Eric, who bolted after being attacked by another dog at Browns in Mundford

Eric, who bolted after being attacked by another dog at Browns in Mundford - Credit: Archant

A holidaying family whose pet dog bolted after a savage attack by another dog have thanked a 'fantastic community' after an outpouring of help to find him.

Browns Restaurant in Mundford, where Eric was attacked.

Browns Restaurant in Mundford, where Eric was attacked. - Credit: Archant

Gavin and Emma Harrison's three-year-old dog Eric was attacked on Sunday morning, when the couple and their five children stopped at Brown's Restaurant in Mundford, at the start of a week's holiday.

Mr Harrison said Eric was being held on a lead by his 10-year-old daughter when the attack took place.

'We were going to take our three dogs for a walk in Lynford Forest when we stopped off at the cafe for a break,' he said.

'There was a man sat with a baby in a pushchair and his dog, which started barking.

'We were just going to sit down, but without any warning his dog just went for Eric. He started biting him and to be honest he was mauling him to death, it was that bad.

'I had to kick the other dog to get him off - it was the only thing I could do because he probably would have killed Eric. He was throwing him about while my daughter was holding the lead.'

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Once Eric was freed, he immediately set off into the woodland nearby.

Several motorists, including two motorcyclists, helped the family track him.

But they were unable to catch him, with Eric disappearing into the woods overnight.

Mr Harrison, helped by Mark Clayton at Browns Restaurant, put an appeal out on social media, which garnered a flood of support.

And at 9am yesterday morning Eric was found, after scores of local people joined the hunt.

Mr Harrison said: 'I can't thank people enough, and the community spirit we saw, to a family who aren't even from here, was unbelievable.'

Eric was taken straight to a vets, and underwent surgery to treat his wounds.

Mr Harrison added: 'He's the most timid, scared little dog to start with, and even though he's okay in the sense that he's alive, it's going to take a long time to rehabilitate him.'

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