Family’s appeal for return of disabled 11-year-old Pollyanna Hope’s mobility scooter after it went missing outside Budgens in Harleston

Pollyanna Hope. Picture: HOPE FAMILY

Pollyanna Hope. Picture: HOPE FAMILY - Credit: PA

The family of a disabled 11-year-old girl have appealed for the return of a vital mobility aid after it went missing outside a supermarket.

Relatives say 'life has been made much more difficult' for little Pollyanna Hope losing the knee walker, which she regularly uses to rest her leg when she is unable to wear her prosthetic leg. Sometimes, when her prosthetic leg is causing her pain, she relies on the device permanently.

Pollyanna – the inspiration behind the child amputee charity Elizabeth's Legacy of Hope, after losing her leg below the knee after a horrific bus crash aged two – left the scooter outside Budgens in Harleston when shopping with her aunt Victoria Panton Bacon.

The family forgot to collect it after leaving on Sunday, January 22 – and when Ms Panton Bacon returned a couple of days later to try and retrieve it, it had vanished.

The Hopes believe the item, decorated with Pollyanna's stickers and with her name written on it, has been stolen and have appealed for it to handed back to Budgens or the police, no questions asked.

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Pollyanna's mother Sarah Hope said: 'She misses her knee walker very much.

'She is having to wear her running blade instead, which she is managing on very well.

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'However amputees use 40pc more energy than able-bodied people and while she doesn't need a wheelchair, she does need it to help.

'It has definitely upset me because it is very important.'

Ms Panton Bacon said: 'She's got her prosthetic leg which works quite well but there are times when it's quite sore and she can't wear it.

'It's really important as it's her walking aid.

'I'm very sad that she should visit her aunt and one of the most important pieces of equipment should go missing. Hopefully, someone will give it back.'

Asked what her message would be to those who might have the scooter, Ms Panton Bacon said: 'Please return it – this is a vital piece of equipment.

'Life is hard enough for an amputee child. She really needs this back. Life has been made much more difficult.'

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