Free lunch offer for mystery man who paid for woman's Lidl shopping

Lidl sign and outside the supermarket

Lidl on Fakenham's Holt Road. - Credit: Google Maps

A family is looking for a good Samaritan to take out to lunch after he paid for a woman's supermarket shop.

Clare Manning, from Dereham, is looking for the mystery man who stepped forward in Fakenham’s Lidl on the morning of July 16 after their friend Dolly was short of £1.50.

She was about to put something back when he stepped forward.

The man not only covered the cost but paid for her whole shop, and told her to have a nice day.

The family are now looking for the man, who they want to take out for lunch to thank him.

Talking to the family, the 85-year-old said: “It made me realise we live in a wonderful world, with a lot of really wonderful people in.

"I didn’t expect anyone to do such a kind thing for me and I think I was in shock at what was happening, I didn’t even get the man's name. 

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"The first thing I did was tell my neighbour about the man’s kindness and rang my best friend, Clare, to tell her the news.

“A shopping experience I will never forget - I am just so thankful.”

If you know the man behind this generous act, you can contact the family at:

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