Families enjoy ‘Sparks in the Park’ in Norwich last night

A welcome break in the wet and windy weather brought families out to enjoy Norwich's Sparks in the Park.

The firework display and fairground rides at Earlham Park proved a popular draw once again on Bonfire Night.

This year's guy was an impressively large wicker-style creation, which drew gasps from the watching crowd when it finally succumbed to the flames and crashed down in dramatic style.

The fireworks did not disappoint either, and the spectacular 15-minute display was set to a range of popular songs, including the appropriately named tracks Firework, by Katy Perry, and Dynamite, by Taio Cruz.

It was the first time that Dennis Dagless, 47, and Marlene Berry, 52, from Angel Road, Norwich, had been the event, and they were suitably impressed.

Mr Dagless, who was with his granddaughter Karma, six, and grandson Kyle, four, said: 'The fireworks were brilliant. They're not like the ones you get down the shops.

'I thought it would be a smaller event. It was well worth the money and the children love it.'

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The Saturday night Norwich City Council-run extravaganza would not be complete without at least one terrifying fun fair ride and 2011 was no exception. Brave souls queued for their turn on XLR8, which catapulted its occupants high into the air before sending them hurtling back round at terrifying speeds.

Nigel Stalker, 36, from Eaton, was at the display with his daughter Shauna, nine, who he said covered her ears with her hands during the fireworks.

He said: 'It was very good, if a bit smokey. This is the first time we have been for a couple of years, but we thought we'd bring the kids along and make a night of it - and it isn't raining.'

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