Falklands-bound HMS Dauntless linked with Great Yarmouth

The ship at the centre of the South Atlantic storm, HMS Dauntless, is affiliated to Great Yarmouth and has already paid a special visit to the port.

The Argentinian government has protested at the state-of the art warship being deployed to the Falklands, but Ministry of Defence officials say it is a routine posting.

The ship will be the first of the navy's new Type 45 air defence destroyers to go to the area, replacing a frigate currently stationed there.

Officials also said it was 'entirely possible' that HMS Dauntless, Norfolk's only affiliated ship, could be back in its adopted port in October/November for its second visit.

Dauntless's relationship with Yarmouth was cemented in 2010, building on the town's civic and maritime traditions with all the pomp and ceremony it could muster.

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Its first visit in 2010 saw thousands of people take the opportunity for a tour.

Laura Goodman mayoral and civic events officer at Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the new Commanding Officer Captain Will Warrender remained in touch with its adopted port and had told her of the deployment.

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It meant he had had to cancel a 'road trip' visit to introduce himself and some of the new crew to the town - but was still hopeful of bringing Dauntless back to berth at the outer harbour this year.

Mayor Barry Coleman said the new captain was very appreciative of the response and hospitality not just from Yarmouth but the whole of Norfolk, adding: 'It would be rather nice if they were able to come here following a successful tour of duty and we wish them all the best and a safe return.'

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