Fakenham to hold a one-month pub and club festival

Plans were announced this week for Fakenham to hold a month-long pub and club festival next year.

Plubfest was held for the first time, but for just a week, in August this year.

Pubs and social clubs in the town put on events, including live music, quizzes and beer festivals, in the lead-up to the town carnival.

Now, following positive feedback, the community group Kick Start Fakenham that organised the festival has announced plans to expand it in 2012.

Kick Start Fakenham chairman Mark Baldwin said: 'Many of the pubs and clubs which took part reported that they had good attendances to their events.

'The problem was trying to squeeze everything into one week. People can't afford to go out every night, so we thought it would work out better as a month-long festival next year.'

Plubfest works by pubs and clubs signing up to take part and organising events which are promoted by Kick Start Fakenham.

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People receive a stamp on a card for each Plubfest event they attend and then full cards are entered into a prize draw.

The idea is to promote the town carnival, Fakenham Fair, which is held at the end of Plubfest, as well as the pubs and clubs themselves.

Mr Baldwin said: 'Everyone knows that pubs and clubs all over the country are suffering big time at the moment.

'There are some great places to go out in Fakenham, and the last thing we would want to see is any of these places closing down.

'We just want to show people what is available in the town and that there is more to a Saturday night than sitting in and watching The X Factor.'

The festival looks set to be held in the month leading up to the Fakenham Fair, which will take place on August 25.

More details will be announced closer to the time.

Corrine Phillips was recently announced as the winner of the prize draw from this year's Plubfest.

After completing her card, her name was pulled from a hat and she won a meal for four at The Oak, in Oak Street, Fakenham.

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