60pc of people will keep wearing face masks - survey

Commuters wearing face masks travelling on buses in Norwich, in line with government guidelines for

In a poll conducted by this newspaper, 60pc of people said they will continue to wear face masks even if it is not mandatory. - Credit: Archant

More than half of people surveyed on plans to ease lockdown restrictions have said they would continue to wear a face mask even if it is no longer mandatory.

In a poll conducted by this newspaper, 60pc of people replied 'Yes' to the question: Will you continue to wear a face mask even if you don't have to after July 19?

The prime minister is expected to tell people in England that it will be left to their "judgement" to manage coronavirus risks as he prepares to lift lockdown later this month.

There have now been more than 50,000 deaths in the UK linked to coronavirus. Picture: Denise Bradley

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At a press conference at 5pm today, Boris Johnson is expected to announce that the wearing of face coverings is no longer mandatory, but optional.

Readers have also been responding to the reports, with a majority of comments supporting the continued wearing of face coverings.

While cases of the virus, driven by the Delta variant, continue to rise, some have said they will choose to wear one after so-called 'freedom day', especially while in shops and on pulblic transport.

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Will wearing masks come to an end on June 21 'Freedom Day'? - Credit: @NappyStock

Chris Stone said he would keep wearing his "in shops... out of respect for elderly and vulnerable people."

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Nina Wildflower commented: "Young people have worn masks for a year to protect older people. Perhaps it's time to return the favour."

According to Marianne Westgate, it is "the responsible thing to do, with infections rising and a large number still not vaccinated". 

Shane Brown will wear one "depending on how busy places are".

"I won't wear it in Chantry Place shopping centre as the space is so large, but I will wear it inside the individual shops," he said.

A group of scientists has written an open letter calling for restrictions including social distancin

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Lisa J Willis will carry on wearing her mask, as well as social distancing and hand sanitising.

"The virus numbers are rapidly rising since May 17 and come July 19 if everyone stops wearing masks etc we'll end up having another lockdown by August as numbers will spiral out of control. It's happened every time rules are lapsed."

Emma Norton, who will opt out of wearing a face covering, said she can't wait to get her doors open and start work again.

"This has ruined enough businesses," she added.

Faith Yates said: "I don't see the point in continuing to wear a mask to protect other people if they are not wearing one to protect me. That said, I had no colds at all over the past year."

Ben Weaver will also stop wearing one. "I've followed government advice to the letter almost since March 2020. If they now tell me I don't have to wear one, I won't. I've had Covid, I'm double vaxxed and you can't get much more protected than that. Time to move on."

Rachel King said she will have a "celebratory burning" of her masks. 

"I can't wait to do away with them," she added.