Eye in the sky captures unique view of Yarmouth’s Waterways

Aerial photos taken of Yarmouth by Jack Locke

Aerial photos taken of Yarmouth by Jack Locke - Credit: Jack Locke

Offering a unique view, this photo taken from above shows Great Yarmouth's Venetian Waterways from a rarely-seen perspective.

The network of canals and lakes were a much-loved fixture for holiday-goers and residents alike for decades, and still now crowds are drawn to the grade II-listed site on sunny days.

The Waterways and boating lake were built in the late 1920s, as part of a relief effort to find work for the unemployed after the First World War, it's thought the channels were all dug by hand. Now, the area is part of a £1.3m restoration plan, to revive the peaceful seafront haven.

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