Climate change campaigners Extinction Rebellion to stage Norwich city centre ‘die-in’

Extinction Rebellion will be staging a city centre die-in. Photo: Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion will be staging a city centre die-in. Photo: Extinction Rebellion. - Credit: Archant

Campaigners are to stage a procession and 'die-in' in Norwich city centre this weekend to highlight what they describe as the 'existential threat' posed by climate change.

Extinction Rebellion campaigners will be processing through Gentleman's Walk and lying down for the graveyard-themed 'die-in' outside City Hall at 12pm on Saturday (July 13).

Climate change campaigners previously took part in 'die-ins' in Norwich's tunnel of lights at Christmas and Extinction Rebellion protesters staged one at The Forum in April.

James Harvey, from Extinction Rebellion Norwich, said: "We are doing this to keep drawing attention to the existential threat posed by climate breakdown, which hundreds of thousands around the world are already suffering from.

"Parts of the world close to the equator are very likely to soon become uninhabitable due to extreme temperatures and lack of water.

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"They'll become graveyards for anything that lives there, or cause mass migration bringing strife and conflict over vital resources.

"All of us need to make big changes to the way we live, at an individual, county and national level.

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"We can't continue with business as usual, and need the government and businesses to help transform society. We need to stop adding to the climate crisis, whilst also preparing ourselves to live with the changes already locked in.

"Norfolk will not be spared; rising sea levels will impact our low lying areas, and changing temperatures and weather patterns will likely devastate agriculture and wildlife."

While North Norfolk District Council and Suffolk County Council have declared climate emergencies, Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council have stopped short of doing so.

In April, two months after protesters from campaign group Extinction Rebellion occupied the chamber at County Hall in protest at what they said was inaction among all levels of government over climate change, the council did agree a motion that the council "recognises the serious impact of climate change globally and the need for urgent action" and that it needs to "lead by example and demonstrate to the next generation our action and responsibilities in tackling climate change".

In January, Norwich City Council acknowledged a climate emergency, but did not back a Green motion to declare one.

Mr Harvey added: "This event is not to shock but more to gently stir emotion and wake people up to the climate crisis.

"We hope to move people in a way that encourages them to have the confidence to stand up and speak out about climate justice.

"However, it won't all be doom and gloom! With some beautiful art and costumes we hope to make it a visually striking

and memorable event."

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