Ex-Norwich City star Justin Fashanu was not gay, he just wanted attention, his brother John Fashanu claims

Ex-Wimbledon player John Fashanu has claimed that his brother, former Norwich City striker Justin Fashanu was not gay, and simply made up stories about his private life.

Justin, who was the first million pound black footballer, took his own life in 1998, eight years after he revealed his sexuality to the public.

He is still the only professional footballer in England who has openly said that he is gay.

But now brother John, who won two caps for England, says his brother was simply trying to get publicity.

He told talkSPORT: 'I don't believe he was gay.

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'Number two, I don't believe he had affairs with MPs and number three I don't believe he was having an affair with one of the young ladies from Coronation Street – it was just nonsense. Showbiz.

'If you had a brother who came out and said, 'Hey listen, I'm gay' we'd welcome you, say 'No problem'.

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'But if you had someone who came out and said, 'I'm a spaceman' when you're not a spaceman then that's a bit silly.

'It's a macho man's game and I think there are reasons why we haven't had any gay footballers come out.

'I don't believe there will be. I'm not saying there aren't some there, but I can tell you in 20 years of playing all my matches I have never come across a gay footballer.'

He claims his brother simply made up stories about his private life to get attention.

He said: 'I remember Justin coming out with another story about him dating Coronation Street lady as well. Again, that was another made up story to get front pages.

'When I said this to Justin he'd say, 'I need publicity, I need publicity.' That was where he'd derive his attention and his money.'

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