Canaries reporter's curious kitten causes kerfuffle in tree rescue

David Freezer's eight-month-old kitten Eva caused a stir in Sprowston while he was away reporting on Norwich City.

David Freezer's eight-month-old kitten Eva caused a stir in Sprowston while he was away reporting on Norwich City. - Credit: David Freezer

As this newspaper’s chief Norwich City reporter David Freezer was covering the Canaries’ latest victory, he was totally unaware of the comedic but distressing drama unfolding back home in Norfolk.

For around the same time that Teemu Pukki and Kieran Dowell were scoring the early goals which fired City to a 2-0 win at Nottingham Forest on Wednesday evening, Mr Freezer’s partner was dealing with an old classic – a cat stuck in a tree.

Their eight-month-old kitten, Eva, had been exploring her Sprowston neighbourhood successfully since being allowed out of the house almost a month ago, but hadn’t come in for her food as usual.

Fortunately, one of their neighbours’ children had spotted Eva in a tree, clinging on to a branch around 40 feet up, too scared to climb down.

Mr Freezer said: “My family and friends know only to contact me for something urgent during a game and, in this situation, there really wasn’t much I could have done to help.

Chief Norwich City FC reporter David Freezer and his eight-month-old kitten Eva.

Chief Norwich City FC reporter David Freezer and his eight-month-old kitten Eva. - Credit: David Freezer

“Fortunately, our lovely neighbours rallied round and offered moral support for my girlfriend as they tried to tempt her down with food and treats – with one guy even making an attempt to reach her on a ladder.”

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Four households combined to bring the British shorthair down to earth in the darkness – and fortunately had a trump card up their sleeve.

“After over an hour of trying, including leaving her alone for a while to come down herself, one of our neighbours really went the extra mile,” Mr Freezer added.

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“He had a cherry picker on the back of his truck which would just about reach the branch if he could get close enough. With a bit of stretching and a battle with a scared kitten, he managed to bring the drama to an end.

“My girlfriend decided, as I wouldn’t be home from Nottingham until 2am, it was best to not tell me until the following morning, so it all came as a bit of a surprise.”

Eva was safely back inside and has been kept at home for a couple of days in the hope that the scare will have taught her a lesson, which is thought to have started as she chased a squirrel.

The next night some early chocolate Easter eggs were delivered to the kind neighbours as a thank you for their support.

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