Battered Creme Eggs to return to Norfolk fish and chips shop

A battered Creme Egg from Eric's Fish & Chips. Photo: Eric's Fish and Chips

A battered Creme Egg from Eric's Fish & Chips. Photo: Eric's Fish and Chips - Credit: Archant

Eric's Fish and Chips in Thornham is bringing a customer favourite back to their menu just in time for Easter.

The chippy first started offering battered Creme Eggs two years ago as an experiment.

But the deep-fried treat was so well received that Eric's has decided to make it an annual menu item.

Last year the fish and chips shop estimate they sold a whopping 1,200 battered Creme Eggs during the three months they were available.

This year they are planning to sell the odd ball offering from March 1 all the way through to mid May - or until they run out.

Dan Mooney, manager of Eric's Fish and Chips, said: 'We first started making them with the attitude of 'why not?', but they turned out really nice and the customers absolutely loved them.

'At first we weren't sure if they were something we'd do again but we brought them back last year due to popular demand and we plan to do them around Easter every year now.'

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In 2017 Eric's Fish and Chips was named as one of the UK's best fish and chips shops at the National Fish and Chips Awards.

The business will be opening a second shop in Holt this spring.

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