Equipment theft could send club “back several years”

The tractor stolen from Saham Toney Social Club. Picture: Norfolk Police

The tractor stolen from Saham Toney Social Club. Picture: Norfolk Police - Credit: Archant

The theft of £10,000 worth of crucial grounds keeping equipment from a Norfolk social club will Set it back years according to its chairman.

Saham Toney Social Club, which is also home to the village's cricket and rugby club, had a ride-on lawn mower and a John Deere tractor stolen from its premises last week.

Simon Mower, 38, who has volunteered at the club since he was 12 and is the chairman of the cricket and social club, said he was 'gutted' by the theft.

'The John Deere mower that is my personal one and maintained by myself simply because the club can't afford it themselves,' he said.

'The tractor was bought by both the cricket club and the rugby club together only last year which cost us £5,000.'

He added: 'They are irreplaceable because we stumbled across they last year and if you were looking to replace them now you would be looking at double the cost.

'I am gutted. A lot of people have worked hard to raise the funds to buy the kit.'

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Damage was also caused on the doors to the club, with the doors needing new locks.

Mr Mower said he could not understand why someone would steal from the club.

He said: 'When someone has given all their time up to raise the money we have raised from fun days and village days and fetes, a lot of organising and we got to that point where we thing you can afford something we couldn't have done before and then someone goes and does something like that.

'It is a shame that people think the way they do and take someone else's stuff and make money out of it.'

Mr Mower fears if no insurance money is forthcoming, the club could be set back several years.

He said: 'We could go down the sponsorship route but it is a lot more work for myself and others to get that all back.

'I am still holding out hope the police will give me a phone call and say they found some gear but realistically it has gone.'

Anyone who would like to help the club is able to contact Mr Mower on 07770 804908.