Equine flu has been confirmed in Norfolk

Equine flu has been confirmed in Norfolk. Racing resumed at Fakenham on Friday, after British racing

Equine flu has been confirmed in Norfolk. Racing resumed at Fakenham on Friday, after British racing regulators enforced a six-day suspension after an outbreak in Cheshire. Photo: IAN BURT - Credit: Archant

Equine flu has been confirmed in Norfolk.

Westover veterinary centre in Hainford posted the news on its Facebook page at the weekend.

It said: 'Unfortunately we have just received an email saying that the current flu outbreak has spread to Norfolk.

'We advise that you take the following precautions.

'If you have been to the premises concerned, which cannot be named at this stage, you should shut down your yard for at least a week, as any signs normally come out within one to five days.

'If it is safe to do so, take your horse's temperature regularly, once to twice daily, and if it rises above 38.5C call your vet immediately.

'If your horse has been exposed to an infected horse you should call your vet out to test it to see whether it has flu so that you do not inadvertently continue the spread.

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'Ideally any horse that has flu should be isolated. The current strain circulating is highly contagious and can spread up to 100m as an aerosol. Obviously it is difficult to keep an isolation distance this far but a minimum of 25m is recommended.

'Sensible biosecurity measures should be taken if you have a horse with flu, that is, wearing disposable gloves and disinfectable protective clothing, 'Disinfect yourself and your clothing when leaving the stable. Avoid coming into contact with any other infected horses.

'Ensure that your horse's vaccinations are up to date and, with the recent high levels of infection around, ideally that the horse has been vaccinated within the last six months.

'Isolate any horse entering your premises for three weeks. Do not let unvaccinated horses onto your yard. Please share, thank you.'

It comes after horse racing resumed on Wednesday, February 13.

Racing regulators had enforced a six-day suspension after three cases of equine flu were found at a Cheshire stables, and there were fears the shutdown could continue after further cases were discovered in Newmarket.

Fakenham's Lycetts Raceday went ahead on Friday.

The course's next race day is due to take place on March 4.

No races are scheduled at Norfolk's other racecourse, in Great Yarmouth, until April.

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