Enjoy Cromer More: New media campaign received with delight by Cromer residents

Enjoy Cromer was launched on the pier. Picture: Ian Burt

Enjoy Cromer was launched on the pier. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

The launch of Archant's latest campaign has been welcomed with open arms by pillars of the Cromer community.

At the photo call for the launch of the Enjoy Cromer More, residents, councillors, and business owners alike turned out to welcome the localised multi-media campaign.

The trial, which may be used in other parts of Norfolk in due course, will be run by the team at the North Norfolk News, as well as social media specialists and correspondents at the organisation's headquarters.

'This is just what Cromer needs,' Suffield Park Councillor Nigel Pearce said.

'People need social media in Cromer more than they need it in somewhere like London. In London residents eat, drink, and live so closely packed together, but we need it here to join up our residents.

'Another problem is tourists seem to forget we're here. And the rest of the world forgets that we live here the whole year round. We love it here, which is why we chose it as home, and this linking up of social media really will help people enjoy Cromer more.

'That could be enjoying the community more, enjoying what's on offer here more, or the town itself.'

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Mr Pearce continued: 'People are on social media all the time, with this group news from other members of the community can be accessed immediately.'

Visit the Enjoy Cromer More website here, like the Facebook page here and follow on Twitter @EnjoyCromer.

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