Engineer starting not-for-profit enterprise in Suffield, Felmingham, Tuttington, Banningham, Colby and Skeyton

An engineer from north Norfolk is appealing to people to help him set up and run a not-for-profit enterprise to supply household energy in the Aylsham area.

Alex Honey, a domestic energy assessor, wants to improve energy efficiency in the ward of Kingsbeck - made up of Suffield, Felmingham, Tuttington, Banningham, Colby and Skeyton.

The aim is to install PV solar panels and then use the income to improve the thermal efficiency of houses in the area.

Mr Honey said: 'The beauty of the local population owning their own energy company is that it gives them control over what renewable technologies are installed.

'We also hope to plough any excess profits back into the community so that homes can be better insulated and cheaper to run.'

Future projects might also include bio-diesel production suitable for domestic oil boilers or a heating oil buying group.

Mr Honey added that the government is looking for communities to start living a in decentralised energy world, where energy is generated in local communities themselves.

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He added: 'I have been in contact with a few people locally, who are interested in helping but ideally we need about 20 people with different skills who would be willing to give up a couple of hours per week to administer and run the enterprise.'

? If anyone living in the parishes would be interested in helping with the Kingsbeck Energy Project then please email Mr Honey at

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