Emptying bins more often could solve rat problem in Wells

Takeaway litter is being blamed for an increase in rats around Wells Quay.

Takeaway litter is being blamed for an increase in rats around Wells Quay. - Credit: Ian Burt

Litter from takeaways has been blamed for increased numbers of rodents around the Quay in Wells, while a mild winter is believed to have helped the creatures breed.

Now town councillors have agreed to write to North Norfolk council, to ask if waste bins around the harbour can be emptied more frequently.

At tonight's town council meeting, councillor Tony Ford said he had received complaints from people living around the Quay.

'I have made enquiries with two separate pest controllers, one based in Norwich and one in Fakenham,' he said. 'What the experts are saying is the only way to get rid of the rats is to get rid of the food source.'

Mr Ford added he had been told that poison would not work, as the rats would ignore it where a ready food source was available for them.

Councillor Ray Hewitt said: 'It is concerning when people see rats, but rats on the Quay are nothing new. In the winter, when the dykes on the marshes get full up, the rats move inland.'

Councillor Gary Anthony said: 'There's always been rats on the Quay. You could see rats running up the mooring lines to the ships.'

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Council chairman Allen Frary said: 'The only reason there's a rat problem is there's a food source for them. The solution is the Quay needs to be kept clean, it's the job of the district council to do that.'

Councillors agreed town clerk Greg Hewitt would write to North Norfolk council about the bins.

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