Eight-year-old Harvey tells story of father being imprisoned in new podcast The Backstory

Suzy Coulson and Claire Mutimer, creators of The Backstory podcast. Picture Pier Marketing

Suzy Coulson and Claire Mutimer, creators of The Backstory podcast. Picture Pier Marketing - Credit: Archant

Parents are sent to prison every day.

But the impact on their children is a topic not often discussed openly.

In a new podcast created alongside the Ormiston families charity, an eight year old boy from Norfolk tells his story for the first time.

The backstory documentary podcast, created by Claire Mutimer and Suzy Coulson, explores the difficulties Harvey faced while his father was serving a three year prison sentence.

Mrs Mutimer, who has a background in broadcasting including the Great British Bake Off, said the documentary was something 'completely new' for them.

'We just felt like the two of us could tell these stories in a sensitive way,' she said. 'We care very much for the contributors we talk to.

'I think Harvey wanted to help other kids who might be feeling the same way he did and let them know there is help out there for people feeling really isolated like he was.

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'It was to lower the stigma of having a parent in prison, because there are lots of children in that position. The thing that stood out for me was despite Harvey being in a family of six, he felt really isolated and he couldn't talk to them.

'The support worker said she found that quite a lot of big families have kids feeling lonely in them. For Harvey it was finding someone he could tal to that was completely separate.'

According to a National Offender Management Service Report, there are 200,000 children in the UK with a parent in prison. This is more than the number affected by divorce.

Run by Ormiston Families, the Breaking Barriers service, which is part of the charity's Unite Programme, supports children and young people affected by imprisonment. The team works in schools and communities, providing one to one support for children and young people who have a parent or relative in prison, or have been affected by imprisonment in another way.

The service identifies the emotional needs of children and young people and gives them a confidential space to express themselves by using a range of toys and activities.

By providing these services, Ormiston Families' Breaking Barriers team can support those most in need and help them to overcome any hurdles and the stigma that often surrounds having a loved one in prison.

Find out more at thebackstorypodcast.co.uk