Eight-year-old from Fleggburgh pens emotional poem to mark Remembrance Sunday

Eight-year-old Ciaran Lambon who wrote a poem for Remembrance Sunday.

Eight-year-old Ciaran Lambon who wrote a poem for Remembrance Sunday. - Credit: Emma Lambon

All across the county, people have been paying their respects to those who died in the First World War, marking Remembrance Sunday.

Eight-year-old Ciaran Lambon's Remembrance Sunday poem

Eight-year-old Ciaran Lambon's Remembrance Sunday poem - Credit: Ciaran Lambon

However, few of these tributes are as touching as this one - written by eight-year-old Ciaran Lambon.

While his mum Emma says she is more used to her son playing sport and enjoying an active life, this morning, Ciaran surprised his mum with a poem.

Mrs Lambon, of Fleggburgh, said: 'I couldn't believe he had written it - he is normally your typical hardy little boy, so I was very touched when he showed me.

'He spent almost the whole morning working on it. He always wears a poppy this time of year, but I wasn't sure if he really understood why, but reading this I know he definitely does.'

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Ciaran, who goes to Filby Primary School, said he was inspired to write the poem after seeing Remembrance services on television and learning about the war through school and cubs.

He said: 'When I saw how many people had died and risked their lives it made me realise how important it is to remember these people.

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'It really touched me so I started to get a good idea about what they did and why.

'Writing the poem really helped me remember and hopefully it will help others remember too.'

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