Eight East Anglian local authority leaders back the European Union remain campaign

The Union flag fluttering next to the EU flag Toby Melville/PA Wire

The Union flag fluttering next to the EU flag Toby Melville/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A cluster of East Anglian council leaders have joined forces to publicly back the campaign to remain in the European Union.

In the latest letter to the Daily Telegraph backing the prime minister's position, Essex County Council leader David Finch, Braintree leader Graham Butland, North Norfolk leader Tom Fitzpatrick, South Norfolk leader John Fuller, Mid-Suffolk leader Derrick Haley, Babergh leader Jennie Jenkins, Suffolk County Council leader Colin Noble and Great Yarmouth leader Graham Plant have said jobs and growth would be put at risk if Britain was to leave.

The text of the correspondence said: 'As leading Conservative councillors from around Britain, we take a hands-on role in promoting the economic wellbeing of our local areas. That is why we support Britain's membership of a reformed EU.

'The special status that David Cameron has secured for Britain – particularly in continued access to the single market and protections for the City of London as the world's financial centre – will help to ensure prosperity. Many of the 100,000 businesses that export to the single market are based in our communities, and without them many jobs – and therefore growth – would be put at risk. Our membership of the EU is a driver for foreign investment and for multinational businesses who choose to base themselves in our cities and towns.

'The EU is, of course, far from perfect. But that is why Britain needs to stay, influencing the single market and protecting our interests. Local communities are the lifeblood of our economy, and being part of a reformed EU will help them to prosper.'

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