Will school trips soon be a thing of the past?

Roman Hill School pupils at Lowestoft fish market in December 1972. Picture: Archive

Roman Hill School pupils at Lowestoft fish market in December 1972. Picture: Archive

Schools are being forced to cut back on trips and after-school clubs as a result of a funding crisis, headteachers have warned.

In a new report by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), a poll of 1,000 members has warned that pressure to cut costs is impacting on all areas of school life.

It includes increasing class sizes, axing GSCE and A-level courses, as well as cutting back on school trips and clubs.

More than two-thirds of respondents, 68pc, said they had to scrap activities including trips, visits and clubs.

Previous union surveys have reported similar declines - with an increase of paperwork and shortage of funding and time blamed as the reasons.

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Interim general secretary Malcolm Trobe said: 'The survey shows the impossible choices school leaders are having to make. Reduced budgets means fewer staff and, with fewer staff, class sizes have to increase.

'Schools cannot sustain the level of support they provide to pupils, or the range of subject options and enrichment activities.

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'Unless the government invests more in the education system, there will be a significant impact on the lives and life chances of young people.'

A recent report by the National Audit Office has warned that schools will have to save £3bn by 2019/20.

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