“We’re in several inches of water” - school closes due to burst pipe

Colby Primary School has been closed today (Thursday) due to flooding after a burst pipe. PHOTO: ANT

Colby Primary School has been closed today (Thursday) due to flooding after a burst pipe. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHIC

A specialist 'clean-up' crew is on its way to Colby School in north Norfolk which is closed because of flooding caused by a burst pipe overnight.

Colby Primary School's 150 pupils have been told not to go to school today because of the flood, which happened after a water pipe in the girls' toilet burst overnight.

Headteacher Christine Mead said: 'We've had a burst pipe in one of our toilet areas overnight which has flooded our hall and classrooms and girls' toilet area. We're in several inches of water.

The reception and year one classroom was worst hit but water had also travelled into the corridor at the end of the hall, and into the toilet area, Mrs Mead added.

'We've called the plumber in and it's all hands on deck to get things cleaned up as soon as possible.

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'We're anticipating a day of cleaning today and hope to be opened as normal tomorrow.'

Mrs Mead said teachers and staff were all pitching in to clean up.

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She said: 'We've got mops and buckets and trouser legs rolled up. We've got a great community here'.

A plumber had dealt with the problem pipe and a local authority clean-up team was on its way.

Mrs Mead hopes that the school will be able to re-open tomorrow, at least for older children.

But she said reception and year one children might not be able to return, although if the clean-up team arrived with de-humidifiers, their classroom might be OK to use.

She expected to make a decision later today after the crew had done what it could.

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