University of East Anglia named as one of top 200 universities in the world

The University of East Anglia has been named as one of the top 200 universities in the world.

The Times Higher Education's latest world university rankings reveal that Britain has the second-best education system worldwide.

Oxford was rated the UK's best university, coming fourth in the new table, putting it above Cambridge which was in sixth place.

The UEA was ranked 145th, one of 32 UK universities in the top 200.

The news comes just weeks after the university fared well in the National Student Survey with 89 per cent of students saying they were satisfied.

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Meanwhile, America dominated the table again this year, with 75 institutions in the top 200.

The California Institute of Technology topped the table, followed by Harvard University and Stanford University in joint second place.

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Only the US and the UK had universities in the top 10.

Ann Mroz, editor of The Times Higher Education magazine, said: 'The UK is blessed with some truly brilliant universities, more brilliant than the Government understands judging by its hastily concocted higher education reforms, with all the uncertainty they entail.

'While we may be second to the US in terms of the overall number of world-class institutions, given the disparity in funding levels, our performance is nothing short of staggering. Put simply: we spend much less on our universities than many of our competitors, less than the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development average and yet outperform almost all of them.

'These facts make the massive gamble that we are now taking, by all-but-abolishing public funding for university teaching and replacing it with tuition fees, all the more questionable. Consultation on the White Paper on the future of higher education has just closed.

'The Government should heed these ranking results, reflect on concerns raised about the speed and extent of its planned reforms and think again. This is a political fix for something that was never broken.'

Outside of the US and the UK, the highest ranking university was ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in 15th place.

The University of Tokyo was the highest ranking Asian university, taking the 30th spot. Japan has five institutions in the top 200, more than any other Asian nation.

The rankings judge universities on 13 areas, including research, teaching and international activity, using data supplied by Thomson Reuters.

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