Traumatised Norwich men wanted for UEA study

Men who have experienced traumas such as car crashes, assaults or natural disasters are wanted by researchers at the University of East Anglia.

The university last year launched a study to investigate the differences between how people remember traumatic incidents in Britain, compared to Iran.

They have had a good response from women, but need to speak to more men for the �330,000 National Institute of Health Research funded study.

It is hoped the results will improve racial equality and cross-cultural understanding relating to mental health issues, help the NHS provide culturally appropriate services, and improve decision-making for asylum cases.

Current treatment for trauma is based almost solely on research conducted in the UK and US, and it is unknown whether the same approaches can be applied to people from non-western cultures.

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The research is important because the majority of trauma survivors globally are not from western cultures, and there are almost five million people in the UK who are not from western cultures.

The research is being led by Dr Laura Jobson in the UEA's School of Medicine, Health Policy and Practice (MED) and is being carried out alongside colleagues in Iran.

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She said: 'We started the study last year and have had a fantastic response. However we have mainly had women volunteer for the study and have had less men participate.

'The study is very important because cross-cultural mental health remains exceptionally under-researched and there is concern that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatments are individualistic and western.

'Consequently, mental health practitioners in the NHS have minimal guidance on culturally appropriate treatments and ethnic groups may receive sub-optimal services.

Dr Jobson is looking for around 20 men over 18 who have experienced a personal trauma to take part in a written questionnaire at the university.

The survey will take around an hour to complete and volunteers will be given travel expenses and �10 to thank them for their time.

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Dr Laura Jobson on 01603 591158 or email

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